Cambridgeshire Home Energy Support Service

The Summer holidays are underway but already we are turning our attention to the Winter months and how we can help and support more people across Cambridgeshire manage their Fuel bills during the colder months of the year.

Fuel poverty in Cambridgeshire, like many other regions, poses significant challenges to households’ well-being. The county’s high housing costs and relatively low average income levels amplify the problem. We know many residents are struggling to meet their energy expenses, leading to inadequate heating during colder months and compromising their health and comfort.  Vulnerable groups, including the elderly and families with young children, are particularly affected.

By working together local authorities, charities, and communities can make a substantial difference in alleviating this pressing issue.  To help and support us to deliver this project in the county please see the enclosed poster and help to raise awareness of the help and support available to local people. 

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