Wildflower Verges

At the July Parish Council meeting, there was a suggestion that instead of neatly mown grass verges, Councillors might consider allowing one or two to become mini meadows where wildflowers and wildlife could flourish. Several (larger) Councils are trialling this approach. Roadside safety, visibility and drainage would, of course, remain paramount. A call for some green fingered volunteers might also be necessary to prepare the ground and sow the seeds! The cost of maintaining all verges in the Parish is £1020 per annum (for 14/16 cuts a year) so there may be a marginal saving to make were there a reduction in number of cuts/locations. As there were varied opinions at the meeting and as the Council is aware that this is a slightly controversial issue, Councillors would be interested to hear from residents as to whether you think it’s something that could be explored in more detail? Please email the Clerk with your thoughts – Clerk@greatpaxton-pc.gov.uk.