Recreation Ground

Category: Clubs

The Recreation Ground Committee (Charity No 302640)

Chair: Jamie Stenton


The Recreation Ground has existed since 1966 when Mrs B Judd generously donated land at the present location for sports and recreational use. The Recreation Ground is kept in trust for the enjoyment of all villagers and is administered by a small number of Trustees that are elected annually.

The Trustees are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the ground in such a condition that it can be used safely by all those who use it for sports and recreational activities.

Current Trustees

Michael Fairs                          Vice Chairman

Bob Kingman

Jamie Stenton                         Chairman

Rachael Martin                       Treasurer

Howard Fieldhouse                 PC Representative

Additional Committee members are sourced from the clubs that use the facility, such as the Allotment Society and Adult and Youth (Mini-Soccer) football clubs.

Together with the Committee, volunteers provide the much required and appreciated support for work on the grounds and pavilion.

Village and social events are encouraged and the grass areas and/or pavilion can be rented for personal and group activities.

An Events team is being set up to work with existing village fund raising activities and also to introduce new and exciting village events.

For further information, to become involved or explore the opportunity that the Recreation Ground has to offer, then please contact one of the Trustees.

Meeting Dates: The Committee meets monthly at 7pm at The Bell Public House.  The following dates have been set for 2024/25 – 24th March, 28th April (AGM),19th May, 23rd June, 28th July, 25th Aug, 22nd Sept, 27th Oct, 24th Nov and 26th Jan 2025.