New Commuter Service: SNAP

The Parish Council has been advised of a new service that might be of interest to local residents who commute to London.

It’s called Snap and is a demand-responsive coach service to enable people to get to workplaces in London as they reopen, without needing to drive or use potentially busy public transport. Essentially it’s a web based platform for crowdsourcing commuter routes, which are then fulfilled by local independent, Cambridgeshire coach operators. Snap have teamed up with local coach companies such as Richmonds and Dews, who will run these trips.

The idea is that they would pick up in major towns, but also in local villages if there is sufficient demand. Given the high levels of commuting in the county, the demand could be high enough to enable local pick ups.

If this is of interest to anybody who expects to return to work, you can register at to find out more.

Fly Tipping Advice & Recycling Centres

Fly-Tipping is illegal and if you witness someone in the act, call the police on 999 and report it as a crime in progress. All instances should also be reported to the District Council.  Include as much detail as possible – outlined in the picture below.

DO NOT put yourself at risk. If you witness fly-tipping in progress, keep yourself safe by staying out of the way. DO NOT confront the perpetrator(s). DO NOT touch the waste.

Household Recycling Centres across Peterborough & Cambridgeshire will be collecting waste from Monday 11th May. In our district there are three sites which will be reopening to the public at Bluntisham, St Neots and Alconbury.  Many of you will have waste and recycling built up over the past few weeks that you will be keen to get rid of. Despite what may be seen as a reopening of the Centres, it is important to acknowledge and spread the message that they are open for only essential visits, which means that the storage of waste within the home is causing health and safety issues; there will also be restricted access, no assistance for those disposing of waste and of course, social distancing protocol and the COVID-19 risk.

The following restrictions will be in place:
No vans/trailers that require a permit allowed

Parking bays limited to 5 cars at a time
Opening times 08:00 to 17:00hrs 7 days a week.

Parking bays limited to 6 cars at a time
Opening times 08:00 to 17:00hrs 7 days a week.

St Neots
Parking bays limited to 6 cars at a time
Opening times 08:00 to 18:00hrs 7 days a week.

 Be careful when disposing of waste and if employing individuals to do so on your behalf. 
Long queues are expected at all sites. Full details are on CCC’s website.

Message From Your County Councillor: E-Permit Scheme For Recycling

From October 2019, you will need an e-permit to dispose of household waste at any of the nine CCC Household Recycling Centres using a commercial-type vehicle or any trailer in excess of 1.5m length (excluding the towing mechanism) or 570 litre capacity. E-permits are free of charge and will only be issued to Cambridgeshire residents on a per household basis. The e-permit allows a maximum of 12 visits to a site within a 12 month period. If you use up your allowance, you will have to wait until the 12 month period has passed to renew your e-permit.
A vehicle that requires a permit and is towing a trailer of any accepted size will count as two visits if they both contain waste.

Residents without internet access can obtain a permit by telephoning 0345 045 5207.

To apply for your free e- permit go to

County Councillor Mrs Julie Wisson

Support For Local Residents From Cambridgeshire Hearing Help

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help provides NHS hearing aid maintenance services for local residents who face barriers to accessing mainstream NHS audiology services because they are older, frail, have other disabilities and/or live in rural areas.

The charity runs 43 free community-based NHS hearing aid maintenance drop-in sessions across the county. At these sessions they will clean and re-tube your NHS hearing aids, supply you with NHS hearing aid batteries, and offer information/advice about hearing loss. All you need to do is find out what days and times your local sessions run, and drop-in. You do not need to make an appointment. For more information please visit:

They also provide free home/residential home NHS hearing aid visits for those who are housebound or in a residential homes. They will clean and re-tube your NHS hearing aids, supply you with NHS hearing aid batteries, and offer information/advice about hearing loss, in your own home. Please contact them to arrange a visit.

Other free services they provide include:
– NHS hearing aid batteries by post
– Hearing loss awareness-raising talks to community groups
– Lip-reading classes in Cambridge & signposting to other classes
– ‘Living Well with Hearing Loss’ workshops for those with a newly acquired hearing loss
– Peer support & signposting to other peer support groups
– Rewarding volunteering roles

Visit their website for more information: or contact them directly Tel: 01223 416141 Text: 07852 699196 Email: Office opening hours: Mon to Fri, 9.30am to 1.30pm (closed bank holidays)

CHH A5 Signposting Booklet


Mark Deas, Cambridgeshire ACRE has presented the findings of the Housing Needs Survey to the Parish Council. This was undertaken in the Parish during October 2018. It was the purpose of the survey to canvass opinion on the principle of developing affordable homes for local people in the Parish and to understand the nature of affordable housing need in the village. The Parish Council has agreed to await the response of the local housing provider, Luminus to the survey findings before proceeding further.

The Survey Report is now available to view.