Highways England has updated the Parish Council on progress on the A428 Improvement Scheme. They will shortly be carrying out a programme of ground investigations and surveys along the new route. These will give engineers a clear picture of the type of soils, rock and groundwater along the route of the proposed dual carriageway.

A map showing the broad area where investigations will take place is included in the attached guide which explains the role of ground investigations and surveys and their importance to the project.

As the work may be visible to those living and working in the area, it was felt important to share details with local residents, especially since there is the potential for some of the drilling equipment to be noisy for those living within a few hundred metres of the work.

Should you wish to know more detail on where and when Highways England are working, and what they are doing, you can find these on their website

www.highwaysengland.co.uk/a428. BED19_0144 A428 Ground investigations leaflet

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