New Commuter Service: SNAP

The Parish Council has been advised of a new service that might be of interest to local residents who commute to London.

It’s called Snap and is a demand-responsive coach service to enable people to get to workplaces in London as they reopen, without needing to drive or use potentially busy public transport. Essentially it’s a web based platform for crowdsourcing commuter routes, which are then fulfilled by local independent, Cambridgeshire coach operators. Snap have teamed up with local coach companies such as Richmonds and Dews, who will run these trips.

The idea is that they would pick up in major towns, but also in local villages if there is sufficient demand. Given the high levels of commuting in the county, the demand could be high enough to enable local pick ups.

If this is of interest to anybody who expects to return to work, you can register at to find out more.

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