Please find enclosed a press release about a fabulous new exhibition at St Neots Museum. No photograph can do justice to the amazing paintings on display which, according to the Curator, have an amazing depth and warmth in real life! Do try and visit the Museum to see them. The Exhibition takes place from from 13th March til 27th April. Remember entrance to the Museum is free to Great Paxton residents.

St Neots Museum Curator Liz Davies says:
This exciting new exhibition by internationally known artist, Michael Murfin, reveals the massive civil engineering project that is the A14 upgrade, in all its complexity. Michael Murfin’s work is almost always rooted in the real world and the people who inhabit it. Whether looking up at the clouds, back to classical antiquity or observing men at work, his beautiful paintings are a masterclass in modern realism and his new paintings capture the dramatic tension of the A14 upgrade – a state of change indeed.
You can see more of Michael’s work on his website at:

St Neots Museum Michael Murfin PRESS 2019

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