Proposed New Holding Stack: Consultation

London Luton Airport & National Air Traffic Services have published proposals to create a new holding stack to the west of Huntingdon.  The proposed changes would separate routes between Luton and Stansted, create a new hold for Luton arrivals and ensure operations at Luton and Stansted do not impact on each other.  Holds are used when flight approaches are busy.  There are no plans to vary the final approaches to Luton.   The closing date for responses to the Consultation is 5th February 2021.

Your Parish Council has objected formally to the proposals and encourages you, as residents of Great Paxton, to consider their impact on your village and to respond individually to the Consultation too.

A link to the consultation process and explanatory documents and videos follows –

An ‘Against Luton Airport Stack (ALAS) Working Group’ linked to Perry Parish Council has been established and this Working Group now has a website and social media presence detailed below.  They would welcome your interest in their campaign.





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