Saxon Green

Saxon Green

Good News – the new Adult Gym comprising three pieces, a double air walker, a seated leg press and air skier were installed in early January. The Parish Council hope you will have the opportunity to trial them over the next few weeks as the days begin to lengthen and get warmer! If this way of exercising is not for you, just pop along and have a look at the new equipment! Hopefully, the items will become a well used asset in the village!

You might also be aware that ground works to improve the surface drainage and grassed areas have been taking place within the Children’s Play Space since just before Christmas. The purpose – to avoid the play area becoming a wet and muddy mess in the Winter and cracked and dry in the Summer. The Parish Council hoped these works would be completed in time to allow the play equipment to be used at this February Half Term. Whilst the new grass has taken quite well there are still some thin patches which have had to be seeded as well. Given the extent of the investment there by the Parish Council and the hard work that has gone into the improvements, it has been decided to give the whole area maximum opportunity to bed in just a bit longer, to grow stronger and become as resilient as possible before it is opened to children in the Spring. Apologies from the Parish Council for not having the play space ready for Half Term but hopefully it will not be much longer now!

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  1. Do you know when the returfed play area will be open again on Saxon Green?

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Hello Graham,

      Hopefully, your question was answered at the Parish Council meeting last evening? But if not, I believe Jill is still holding out for an Easter reopening to protect the new grass as long as possible. Although, as reported it seems that it is being used anyway! Not sure how this can be prevented given the low level fencing!

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