This is an important message with regard to the current situation on Covid 19.

As more and more people are having to stay at home due to Covid 19, doorstep scams are coming to light. Please  warn our elderly and vulnerable residents to beware of bogus good samaritan callers who are offering to carry out shopping and other chores. Several cases have already been reported of money being taken from accounts for shopping when bank cards have been handed over for apparent good deeds.

The Red Cross and other charities are also asking residents to be aware that bogus charity workers are also knocking at doors offering Covid 19 testing.  Residents are then being charged for this test or bank details are taken and money withdrawn from their accounts, or worse still there have been distraction burglaries.

It is important that we make people aware that The Red Cross and other charities are NOT carrying out tests at home.

Please could we get these messages out to all residents especially the elderly and vulnerable,  the PCSO will update further if new scams and frauds are revealed.

Residents are encouraged to call 999 or 101 immediately if they believe they have unwanted callers at the door.

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