Paxton Hill: Potential Traffic Disruption

The owner of Paxton Hill House plans to undertake works to trees on the boundary of his land over 2 days from tomorrow (27th March). He apologises for any potential disruption and has requested the Parish Council to publish the following text in explanation –

‘Parish Councillors will be aware that I have been in correspondence for some 6 months with County Highways regarding the dead, dying and dangerous trees along the north side of the road adjoining my land on Paxton Hill, and particularly opposite Toseland Road. I have long been concerned that one might blow down across the road and cause an accident. Highways deny ownership of anything beyond two metres from the road edge, although common law suggests that my boundary is the upper lip of the roadside ditch which is some 7 metres from the roadside edge. Most of the trees are on this 7 metre verge. It is therefore left to me to try and clear the jungle. This is a major and very expensive exercise and it has been difficult to find a reliable company which has the necessary equipment to do the work quickly and efficiently and is prepared to quote for doing it. Work is likely to start on Wednesday 27th March and take two days. Inevitably there will be some traffic disruption, but I hope not too much. When cleared I intend to replant the old woodland strip, which used to be majestic elm trees years ago, with a range of native hardwoods and so try and improve the entrance to the village in the long term’.
Thank you in advance for your patience.

UPDATE: The cleared area will be replanted next winter and will include a few cherry trees.