Wildflower Verges

At the July Parish Council meeting, there was a suggestion that instead of neatly mown grass verges, Councillors might consider allowing one or two to become mini meadows where wildflowers and wildlife could flourish. Several (larger) Councils are trialling this approach. Roadside safety, visibility and drainage would, of course, remain paramount. A call for some green fingered volunteers might also be necessary to prepare the ground and sow the seeds! The cost of maintaining all verges in the Parish is £1020 per annum (for 14/16 cuts a year) so there may be a marginal saving to make were there a reduction in number of cuts/locations. As there were varied opinions at the meeting and as the Council is aware that this is a slightly controversial issue, Councillors would be interested to hear from residents as to whether you think it’s something that could be explored in more detail? Please email the Clerk with your thoughts – Clerk@greatpaxton-pc.gov.uk.

THE CRAFTY BELLES – a village crafting group update

The Heritage Bunting Project

Maggie reports this is coming along well and is growing in length very nicely. Recently, a children’s workshop was held in the Bell for Mums and their children to make some pennants with Maggie and this was well supported and everyone did really well. Plenty of time for those who wish to add to the bunting as Maggie will be collecting for the rest of the year.


The Great Paxton Tapestry Challenge!

We are delighted to report that the project is going very well and we are lucky enough to have quite a lot of lovely stitchers working on pew cushions that have been created by the design team. Because the challenge is to create 40 x metre wide cushions, we could do with more people to stitch so that we can complete this project within a two year period.

Please contact me if you would like to join us… Diane James at diane.james42@outlook.com or call me for a chat on 01480 406938. We’d be delighted to have you join us!

We are still waiting to see if the National Lottery, communities fund will offer a grant to us for some of the cushions but we’re delighted how many have decided to sponsor a cushion for personal commemoration.


Wanted! New Volunteers For Your Speed Watch Team

You might have noticed your local Speed Watch Team in action!

Speed Watch Volunteers get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through the village. Volunteers are trained to use speed indicator devices which display vehicle speed. The registered owner of any vehicle seen exceeding the speed limit is then sent an advisory letter from their local Neighbourhood Policing Team. This explains that speeding is unacceptable to our local community.

Full training is given to volunteers by the local Neighbourhood Police Team. Safety equipment is also provided to ensure volunteers are clearly visible to road users. Information gathered during the checks will be used to target enforcement and education measures. Persistent offenders will receive a visit from Police Officers not Speed Watch volunteers. Supported by the Police, the Speed Watch Team in Great Paxton has become very successful and has recently take charge of some new equipment. However, it needs some extra help and would appreciate some additional volunteers. There is no expectation in terms of the number of hours you would need to make yourself available. That would be up to you and the Team to discuss.

If you would like to join the Speed Watch Team in Great Paxton please contact Councillor Jill Peters at jillatgp@gmail.com or the Parish Clerk at clerk@greatpaxton-pc.gov.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Offord D’Arcy Eel Screens

Anglian Water are planning to install brand new eel screens at their Offord D’Arcy site as part of work across the region to protect endangered species. This scheme is part of a £3.2million investment into new eel screens which will be installed on the River Great Ouse.
The European eel is now classed as critically endangered after a 95 per cent decline in population over the last 25 years.
Eels spend their early years in rivers across Europe before migrating to the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic to spawn. The spawn is then thought to use the Gulf Stream to return to our rivers, by which time they have developed into very small glassed eels. To ensure the safety of the public and workforce during this work, Anglian Water will put in place a temporary footpath closure on the Ouse Valley Way. This will be in place for approximately 13 weeks. This diversion route will be signposted at all times, please see plan attached. Exact commencement dates will be confirmed nearer the time. The majority of the work will be located within the site boundary so there will be little disruption to the community. Although You may notice increased amounts of construction traffic going to and from the site when the work commences.

Your chance to be part of Great Paxton’s History

You may have seen that our village craft group ‘The Crafting Bells’ are to undertake a project to create 1 metre long seat pads to help make the church a more comfortable space to use for both the current and future congregations as well as for the ongoing events that will take place in Holy Trinity to offer you entertainment on your doorstep.  The tapestry cushions, with beautifully crafted designs, will cost around £3,500.

They will make the historic 15th century oak pew benches in Great Paxton Church a lot more comfortable and warmer to sit on. To cover some of the costs we have applied for a Big Lottery small project award fund.

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A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme – Update

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon

Here is the latest information on the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme

We have updated the website with the latest information about this improvement scheme, including information on our application to the Planning Inspectorate to reclassify the new A14 between Girton and the new Ellington junction, and the A1 between Alconbury and Brampton, as a motorway.

Please visit the ‘Application to make the A14 a motorway’ section of the scheme website to view the update and link through to our full application on the Planning Inspectorate website, where you can register your interest in the application. This must be done by 11:59pm on 28 February 2019.