Support For New PAXTON Bridge

Would you like to see a bridge reinstated over the River Ouse?

Many years ago, there used to be a chain link bridge over the River Ouse called the Wrey Ferry.  Children from Little Paxton would use it to attend school in Great Paxton.  As it becomes increasingly important to walk and cycle and to avoid use of the car,  there is recognition that Great Paxton needs to enable residents to take other ways out of the village.  Of course, a chain link bridge wouldn’t get pass a modern health and safety check, but there is a possibility that with community support, the village could secure funding from Highways England or from other agencies and business towards the building of an arched metal bridge.  It won’t be easy because the village will have to demonstrate the benefit that could flow from the investment for both Great and Little Paxton, other local villages and clubs and societies in the area and that, most importantly, that there is a real demand for it.

To help get the bridge underway the Project need your support.  Please sign the ‘support’ books that have been placed in the Community Shop and The Bell Pub.

So far the following organisations/individuals have expressed their support –

Great Ouse Valley Trust

Friends of Little Paxton Pits

Hunts Ramblers & Public Rights of Way Officer

Great Paxton Primary School

Great Paxton Community Shop

The Bell Pub

Great Paxton History Society

Great Paxton Rainbows/Brownies/Guides; and so far

244 residents of Great Paxton



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